• Gossen Metrawatt

Characteristic Values

Item number M712X M712D M712U
Product details page Details Details Details
Supply voltage 230Volt - 400Volt
Indication Digital Digital Digital
Automatic test sequence
Limit value indication x x x
Measured value memory x x
Deadlines management No No No
Active testing x
Passive testing x
Protective ground resistance measuring range 0.01 - 99.9 1 - 99.9 0.01 - 99.9
Isolation resistance measuring range 0.01 - 9.99 0.01 - 9.99 0.01 - 9.99
Protective conductor current x x x
Contact current x x x
Differential current method x x x
Direct method x
Alternative method
Consumption current measurement
Power measuring
Voltage measurement
Connection for external measuring adapter x x x
Testing of extension leads
Testing with 2 probes No No No
Printer integrated
Suitable for use by an instructed person
Connection detection
Description of RFID
DAkkS calibration certificate
Printing barcodes
Import of data No No No
Integrated rubber protection
Measurement of time to trip of (P)RCDs
Save measurement series x x
Test current 10A
remote compatible No No No
Safety class detection
Management of location data No No No
Programmable test sequences No No No
Frequency of supply voltage
Data transmission to PC via BT/USB x

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