• Gossen Metrawatt

Testing of Electric Devices

Testing the electrical safety of electric equipment is intended to protect people from accidents with electrical power, and thus to ensure their freedom from bodily harm. Property damage caused by electrical power should of course be prevented as well.

Whether at the workplace or in production, as an equipment operator, a service technician or a manufacturer

  • For testing electrical devices after repair in accordance with DIN EN 50678 and after periodic testing per DIN EN 50699 (formerly DIN VDE 0701-0702)
  • For medical equipment per IEC 62353 (VDE 0751)
  • For welding equipment per IEC 60974-4
  • IEC / EN 61010, 60601, 60950, 60335

The fulfillment of legal requirements such as occupational safety legislation, medical device regulations and product safety law necessitates comprehensive measurements and testing in accordance with the technical stipulations set forth in DIN VDE, as well as EN and IEC standards.

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