• Gossen Metrawatt


  • Economic success
  • Long-term assurance of the marketability of our products
  • Satisfied customers
  • An intact environment


Our Quality Policy

  • Satisfied customers:

    We intend to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers such that they’re satisfied in the long term by assuring the quality of our products and services, as well as the reliability of our processes.
  • Continuous improvement:

    Safeguarding and improvement of business processes, as well as product and service quality, and the expansion of our market position are regarded by us as an ongoing task and obligation.
  • Risks and opportunities:

    Risks and opportunities are continuously assessed at regular intervals in order to manage the company in a future-oriented manner.
  • Legal and regulatory requirements:

    We fulfill with all legal, normative and regulatory requirements.
  • Suppliers:

    Supplier selection and collaboration are managed in order to assure long-term customer satisfaction. Extended lead-times and delivery bottlenecks are continuously monitored and our procedures are correspondingly adjusted where necessary.




Our Environmental Policy

  • Environmental goals:

    We update our environmental goals on a regular basis in order to reduce the consumption of resources and protect the environment by means of continuous improvement.
  • Environmentally friendly transport:

    We use 100% climate-neutral shipping for our products.
  • Suppliers:

    Suppliers are integrated into our environmental policy and obligated to implement it, and they’re selected accordingly.
  • Efficient use of resources:

    We avoid environmental pollution and ensure that resources are used as efficiently as possible. Environmental aspects are consistently taken into consideration during the entire product lifecycle.
  • Environmental impact:

    Our customers are informed about the environmental impact of our products.
  • Environmental law:

    We adhere to all applicable requirements stipulated by environmental legislation and double check for correct adherence on a regular basis.

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