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Item number: M235J

AS-i bus tester – diagnostics and addressing tool, AS-i version 3.0

The handy, rugged addressing and diagnostics tool for initial start-up, maintenance and service of AS-i systems offers the following functions:
  • AS-i bus tester – diagnostics and addressing tool, AS-i version 3.0
  • AS-i bus tester – diagnostics and addressing tool, AS-i version 3.0
  • AS-i bus tester – diagnostics and addressing tool, AS-i version 3.0

The METRAHIT ASi v3.0 is an easy to use addressing and diagnostics device for active AS-i modules, intelligent sensors and actuators in accordance with AS-i version 3.0 including the extended addressing mode.

Product Highlights

  • Complex slaves with high operating current up to 150 mA can be addressed without external power supply.
  • Long operating times
  • Simultaneous indication of input and output states with the extended 8-place display, thus resulting in more clear-cut and faster input and output testing at systems
  • Intuitive acquisition of process values with display of data as either binary, decimal, hexadecimal or percentage values
  • Universal use with standard AS-i and AS-i Power24V systems

Your advantages

  • Quicker initial start-up thanks to simplified work steps during slave address setup and automatic read-back of the selected address
  • Ready for use in less time because the addressing cable functions without securing it to the M12 socket with screws
  • One-hand operation in time-tested compact housing with easy-to-actuate keys and rotary switch


The METRAHIT ASi v3.0 is used to assign addresses to AS-interface slaves during initial start-up. It detects connected slave modules or entire AS-i networks, which then appear at its display. Each address is selected individually with the up and down keys. Additional initial start-up functions are selected with the rotary switch. The new METRAHIT ASi v3.0 supports the current AS-i V3.0 specification and the I/O data of the most up-to-date slaves. The display has been extended to a total of eight places and current-carrying capacity has been increased by 50%, in particular for motor starters with AS-i and analog modules.
  • Technical characteristics
    • Suitable for all types of digital and analog slaves which comply with AS-i specification V3.0
    • Read-out and selection of slave addresses 0 to 31, 1A to 31A or 1B to 31B for all AS interface slaves
    • Measurement of voltage in the AS interface conductor and measurement of operating current for AS-i slaves
    • Testing of input and output data from digital and analog slaves in accordance with AS interface specification V3.0, including safety relevant input slaves
    • Selection of slave parameters for test purposes and read-back of the parameter echo
    • Read-out of the slave profile (IO, ID, ID2)
    • Read-out and setting of the ID1 code
    • Read-out of data objects, identifiers and diagnostics in case of CTT2 slaves
    • Read-out of the safety code sequences of safety relevant input slaves (ASIsafe)
    • Reading and writing of the cyclical input and output channels of CTT2 slaves
    • Storage of complete network configurations (profiles of all slaves) as an addressing aide



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