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Item number: U2281

ENERGYMID – Multifunctional Energy Meter - 2-wire system and direct connection 5 (80) A

The MID approved meters can be used to acquire and bill active energy in industrial, household, commercial and building management applications.
  • ENERGYMID – Multifunctional Energy Meter - 2-wire system and direct connection 5 (80) A

Thanks to a broad range of interfaces, values can be very easily transferred to data logging, billing and optimizing systems, as well as to building automation and control technology applications.

The new generation of ENERGYMID energy meters opens up entirely new levels of transparency within your electrical system. In addition to energy, up to 33 other mains parameters are acquired by the multifunctional variant. Thanks to our installation tools and integrated diagnosis of connection errors, installation is now even simpler and quicker.

Product Highlights

  • 5 (80) A direct connection
  • Extremely compact housing (4 standard width units, i.e. 72 mm) with integrated interface
  • Fast error detection thanks to color change at the display, e.g. direction of phase rotation, phase failure, transformers with reversed polarity or overload
  • Multifunctional variant – up to 33 additional measured quantities such as reactive power, apparent power, power factor and frequency

  • Technical characteristics

    Additional Features:

    • Accuracy class B for industrial and commercial use, as well as for household use with highly demanding requirements
    • Suitable for billing purposes thanks to initial calibration at the factory in accordance with MID (conformity assessment procedure modules B and D)
    • Measurement of energy import and export thanks to 4 quadrant measurement
    • Inexpensive power monitoring by acquiring THD for current and voltage, as well as neutral conductor current IN
    • Flexible communication via integrated bus interfaces (M-Bus, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, LON or BACnet), or universal pulse output (2 ea. S0 with adjustable pulse rate and duration, as well as selectable voltage range)
    • High-contrast, 3-line LCD (42 x 28 mm) with LED background illumination
    • Calibration even with adjustable transformation ratios
    • Optionally integrated load profile with 96 registering periods per day for 60 days with event logger (e.g. overvoltage or changing CT/VT values)
    • 8 tariff inputs which can be adjusted to future energy market tariff structures: 4 tariffs (hardware-controlled as standard), 4 additional tariffs with bus (software-controlled)
    • Manipulation is ruled out thanks to tamper-proof cover and configuration disabling

  • Particularities

    LCD with Integrated Error Detection – Simple and Reliable

    The 3-line, high-contrast LCD (42 x 28 mm) with background illumination makes it possible to read parameters and settings from any angle. Integrated error detection helps to assure quick, error-free installation. The display changes color in order to indicate installation errors including direction of phase rotation, phase failure, transformers with reversed polarity and overload, making immediate detection and elimination possible.

    Extremely Compact Housing – Very Well Protected

    Thanks to its extremely compact design (4 standard width units, i.e. 72 mm), the meter requires less space in the meter cabinet. The communication interface is integrated into the housing and is thus protected against contamination. Furthermore, the tamper-proof cover and configuration disabling assure protection against manipulation.

    Multifunctional Variants – Up to 33 Additional Parameters

    In addition to Energy, up to 33 other parameters are measured within the electrical system and are either indicated directly at the display (feature M1) or read out via the interface. For example, the RMS distortion value (THD) is also measured for voltage and current, which indicates possible mains disturbances. And thus you always have access to a full overview of your electrical system by simply pressing a button – without switching the electrical circuit off and without any additional measuring equipment.



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