• Gossen Metrawatt

Characteristic Values

Item number GTM5027000R0001
Product details page Details
Indication Digital
Limit value indication x
Earth bond voltage drop measuring range 0 - 1000
Isolation resistance measuring range 0.001 - 3000
Rest voltage measurement x
Loop impedance measurement
Voltage test (high voltage test)
Protective conductor resistance measurement x
Equivalent leakage current
Protective conductor current
Differential current
Contact current
Power measuring
Consumption current measurement
Automatic test sequence
Measured value memory x
Interface x
Printer connection x
Printer integrated
Commander for remote control of testing device x
Phase sequence determination
RCD tripping test with nominal residual current and simultaneously rising residual current
Testing of motor protection switch
Name of inspector editable at test instrument
RCD tripping test with nominal residual current
Connection of barcode or RFID reader x
Status display of internal memory
Creation of test procedures x
Testing of charging stations, simulation of vehicle status
Insulation resistance measurement with ramp function x
Voltage measurement U L-N-PE 500 V
Help function with connection diagrams x
Connection for test probe with remote triggering
Battery status indicator
Measurement of leakage current with adapter x
Connection for current clamp sensors
Voltage drop measurement
Structured measurement value memory
RCD analysis function
Phase sequence test
Low resistance measurement with ramp function
Detection of short-circuit current/overvoltage protection devices x
Loop measurement without RCD tripping
RCD test
Measurement functions selectable via rotary switch x
Bluetooth interface
PRCD testing type S, type K
RCD test with rising residual current
Mains internal resistance measurement
Measurement of residual voltage x
Bidirectional data exchange x
Measurement category II
Updateable x
Testing of IMDs and RCMs

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