• Gossen Metrawatt

Characteristic Values

Item number M360F M360C M360A M360D
Product details page Details Details Details Details
Display x x x x
Display on device 480 - 272 1280 - 64 480 - 272 128 - 64
USB interface x x x x
Measurement value memory x x x
Database 0 - 1000 0 - 1000 0 - 10240
Module database 0 - 40000 0 - 40000
Bidirectional data exchange x x x x
Updateable x x
Battery powered x x x x
Status display of charging process x x
Automatic measurement cable compensation x x x x
Open-circuit voltage DC 0Volt - 1500Volt 0Volt - 1000Volt 0Volt - 1000Volt 0Volt - 1000Volt
Interference voltage detection UE x x
Short-circuit current 0Ampere - 20Ampere 0Ampere - 20Ampere 0Ampere - 20Ampere 0Ampere - 20Ampere
RP parallel internal resistance x x
RS series internal resistance x x
Measurement of irradiation according to IEC / EN 60904-2 x x x x
Temperature measurement with Pt100 x x x x
Temperature measurement with Pt1000 x x
MPP Power x x
STC peak performance x x
Calculation per STC x x
Calculation per NOCT x x
Tracing of characteristic curves in accordance with capacitive measuring method x x
External wide-range power supply unit x x
Isolation resistance measurement 0Ohm - 20000000Ohm
Low resistance measurement with automatic polarity reversal 0Ohm - 10Ohm

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