• Gossen Metrawatt

Characteristic Values

METRAVOLT 12D +L ProfiSafe 690L METRAVOLT 1500
Item number M630G M630J M630P
Product details page Details Details Details
Type of test 2-pole 2-pole 2-pole
Voltage indication LED/LCD LED/LCD LED/LCD
Voltage measuring range 0 - 1200 12 - 690 0 - 1200
Internal base load x
Load switchable x
Indication of direction of field rotation x x x
Continuity indication Optical/acoustic Optical Optical/acoustic
Resistance measuring range 0.1 - 1999 0 - 1000 0 - 999
Resistance measurement 1999 999000
Single pole phase indication
Contact less voltage detection
Data hold x x
Background lighting LC-indication x x x
Test prod protection x x
Measuring point lightning x x
Current supply Battery From test object (without battery) Battery
Measuring circuit category CAT IV CAT IV CAT IV

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