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Item number: M695L

Patient Simulator for ECG

With the SECULIFE PS100 Patient Simulator, you can test ECG and long-term ECG devices for flawless functioning.

  • Patient Simulator for ECG
  • Patient Simulator for ECG
  • Patient Simulator for ECG

The PS100 is the ideal tool for generating ECG signals for 12-channel ECG diagnostic systems. Its scope of functions also includes testing of monitors, line recorders and arrhythmia computers.

The microprocessor-based patient simulator offers ECG patient simulation with 4 waveforms with constant QRS duration and 6 waveform performance tests. You’re provided with a lifelike, independent curve display of the ECG signals.

Other decisive strengths of the patient simulator include outstanding ease of use and diversity. Continuity tests and more can also be conducted with the SECULIFE PS100. This small, high-performance instrument with numerous functions and minimal weight is a must for your test equipment.

  • Technical characteristics
    • ECG
      30, 60, 120 and 240 BPM
      Sine waves: 10, 60 and 100 Hz
      Square waves: 0.125 and 2 Hz
      Triangle waves: 2 Hz
      High level output: 1 V p-pAmplitude tolerance: ± 2%
      Frequency tolerance: ± 0.5% of the specification
    • Integrated terminals for continuity test (lead test)
    • Front panel resistant to disinfectant wipes
    • Terminals10 outputs for electrode plugs (2 to 4 mm ), snap fasteners and clips
      1 output with 1 V signal strength for ECG devices without amplifier
    • Power supply
      9 V battery and low battery display


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