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Item number: M695F

Multifunctional, Multimode RF Surgery Analyzer

SECULIFE ES TECH for the Analysis of Electrosurgical Generators
  • Multifunctional, Multimode RF Surgery Analyzer
  • Multifunctional, Multimode RF Surgery Analyzer
  • Multifunctional, Multimode RF Surgery Analyzer
  • Multifunctional, Multimode RF Surgery Analyzer

The SECULIFE ES TECH test instrument is a high-precision, TRMS RF measuring system developed for calibration and routine performance checks conducted on electrosurgical generators. It offers greater levels of accuracy than previously possible with conventional electrosurgical analyzers. The SECULIFE ES TECH is equipped with an internal load resistance bank covering a range of 0 to 5500 Ω in 5 Ω steps. It’s microprocessor driven and uses a combination of unique hardware and software in order to deliver accurate and reliable test results, even with “noisy” HF surgery waveforms such as “spray”. The DFATM technology utilized in the SECULIFE ES TECH even makes it possible for the system to analyze special HF electrosurgical waveforms. Highly precise, individual measurement results are obtained after digitalization.

Product Highlights

  • DFATM technology – ultra-high-speed digitalization
  • 2% measuring accuracy
  • Embedded real-time operating system
  • Auto-sequence mode
  • User-defined test sequences
  • Connection of external loads
  • Internal loads from 5 to 5500 Ω
  • USB (2) and Ethernet communication ports

Your advantages

  • Ultra-stable measurement of output waveforms from HF generators with convincing accuracy
  • Internal relays for controlling the test circuit
  • Convenient switching between power measurement, high-frequency leakage current measurement and testing of the neutral electrode


  • Calibration and routine power testing of electrosurgical generators in hospitals as well as in the industrial sector
  • Testing of generators in compliance with common regulations such as IEC 60601
  • In-line testing and use in the test bay
  • Technical characteristics
    • HF current measurement per industry standard for multiple, pulsed waveforms
    • Automated, freely definable test sequences
    • Remote control of the ESU generator is possible
    • USB (3), RS 232 and Ethernet communication ports
    • Ultra-fast digitalization of complex HF waveforms (sampling rate: 16 million data points)
    • Acquisition, storage and print-out of HF waveforms
    • Integrated real-time operating system with color touchscreen
  • Particularities
    • RF current measurement per industry standard
    • REM/ARM/CQM tests adjustable over 500 Ω in 1 Ω steps
    • Power load curves with multiple power settings for each load setting
    • Automatic or manual activation of the ESU generator during power load curve tests
    • Display of up to 9 different measuring parameters with user-selectable/definable screens
    • Fully compatible with Covidien Valleylab ForceTriad™, FT10™ and Ligasure™ generators, as well as all older generators from other manufacturers.


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