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Item number: M695U

Multimode Electrosurgery Analyzer

  • Multimode Electrosurgery Analyzer
  • Multimode Electrosurgery Analyzer
  • Technical characteristics
    • Analysis of complex, multiple-pulse waveforms
    • Standardized industrial HF measurement
    • HF leakage current measurement
    • REM/ARM/CQM test adjustable in 1 O steps
    • Ultra-fast digitizing of HF waveforms
    • Sampling of up to 16 million data points
    • Internal precision loads adjustable from 1 to 6400 O in 1 O steps
    • Integrated real-time operating system with ¼ VGA color touch-screen
    • Automated, freely definable test sequences
    • Automated current-power curves with various power levels per load value setting
    • Compatible with external test loads
    • Definable screen display
    • USB, RS 232 and Ethernet communication ports
    • Dedicated connectors for external keyboard and mouse
    • Automatic or manual activation of the ESU generator during the load curve test
    • Remote control of the ESU generator is possible
    • Generation of test reports

  • Particularities

    Feature Description

    The SECULIFE ES PRIME offers an unparalleled sampling rate of 16 million data points. This permits extremely stable measurement of the output waveforms of the latest generation of HF generators, which make use of multiple-pulse waveforms. The internal, low-impedance resistance decade has a range of 0 to 6400 O and can be adjusted in 1 O steps. The device is controlled by internal processors and includes an ideally matched combination of hardware and software. This permits highly precise, accurate measurement, even of HF waveforms with excessive interference, for example like a spray function. Each data point is analyzed and delivers highly precise measurement results.

    The SECULIFE ES PRIME is equipped with internal relays for controlling the test circuit. This allows convenient switching between power measurement, leakage current measurement and testing of the neutral electrode without replugging the measurement cables. The current transformer included with the SECULIFE ES PRIME samples the HF current which flows through the internal load and generates a ratiometric voltage. This is digitized and analyzed by the internal processor. Thanks to the combination of the two measuring ranges together with the current transformer, the user has complete control over the device’s ability to obtain high levels of accuracy and resolution from all types of HF generators.

    In addition to the internal loads, external loads can also be connected. The SECULIFE ES PRIME is equipped with an auto-sequence mode which makes it possible to create customer-specific test sequences, for example as required in device manufacturing, testing and R&D. Predefined load curves can be run automatically and the results can be saved as a list or a graphic representation.

    Optional: tissue test


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