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Item number: R2500

Compact Controller with Program Function and Temperature Limiter

  • discontinuedCompact Controller with Program Function and Temperature Limiter
  • discontinuedCompact Controller with Program Function and Temperature Limiter
  • discontinuedCompact Controller with Program Function and Temperature Limiter

The All-Rounder

The universal, user-friendly compact device in 1/16 DIN format (48 x 48 mm) is well suited for precision control tasks without overshooting, as well as for temperature limiting.

The integrated infrared interface in the front panel and the RS485 MODBUS interface make it possible to configure the controller with CompactConfig software either online or offline, and allows for online viewing of the control process, as well as read-out and storage to memory of values from the data logger and alarm history.

Thanks to IP 67 protection at the front panel, it can be used in machinery and equipment manufacturing, as well as in the food processing and luxury food industries.

  • Technical characteristics

    The standard version includes the following functions:

    • PDPI - Algorithm for Induction Heating Systems - see pdf below
    • pH-Value Control - see pdf below
    • Outputs configurable
    • IP 67 protection
    • 100 ms sampling cycle with integrated transformation for suppression of 50/60 Hz including harmonics up to the 13th harmonic
    • PDPI control without overshooting
    • Control parameter adaptation can be started at any time
    • 2-step, 3-step, continuous action and step-action controller
    • Program controller - 8 programs with 12 segments
    • Split range controller (discontinuous and continuous)
    • Hot-runner control with actuating circuit and booster circuit
    • Water cooling control (non-linear cooling effect with evaporation)
    • Temperature limiter
    • Data logger for actual values and setpoints
    • Alarm history with time stamp
    • Infrared interface at front panel with optional adapter
    • Password protection
    • CompactConfig software tool
    • Structured operating and programming system
    • RS 485 Modbus interface (optional)
    • Functionally compatible with R2400 electronic controller
    • Special functions -> more information
    • 3 Years Warranty
    • Made in Germany

    • Sensor input for thermocouples, Pt100, Ni100, direct current, direct voltage (optional)
    • Thermocouple input immune to leakage current (up to 230 V)
    • Suitable for zones with temperature rises of up to 100 K/s
    • Monitoring for sensor failure, reversed polarity and short-circuiting
    • Plausible regulated temperature becomes active in the event of sensor failure
    • Setpoint ramps (up-down), proxy setpoint, setpoint limiting
    • Heating circuit monitoring without additional transformer
    • Heating current monitoring via external current transformer (optional)
    • Numerous monitoring functions and alarms
    • Current settings can be saved as user defined standard settings – default values can be restored



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