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Item number: M512R

Adapter for Standards Compliant Testing of Portable Protective Devices

Adapter for standards compliant testing of type S and K PRCDs by simulating faults per DIN VDE 0701-0702, VDE 0661, BGI / GUV-I 608 and manufacturers’ specifications.
  • discontinuedAdapter for Standards Compliant Testing of Portable Protective Devices

According to DIN VDE 0661, portable protective devices are circuit breakers which can be connected between power consuming devices and a permanently installed electrical outlet by means of standardized plug-and-socket devices. They offer the increased levels of protection provided by protective measures utilized in electrical systems for the prevention of dangerous shock current as defined in DIN VDE 0100-410.

These portable protective devices serve to protect persons from electrical accidents in the low-voltage range from 130 to 1000 V, and consequently have to be suitable for commercial use. The SPE-PRCD (switched protective earth - portable residual current device) is available in different variants. Amongst other possibilities, they can be installed like an extension cord between a power consumer (as a rule a power tool) and en electrical outlet.

  • Technical characteristics

    Testing of Type S and K PRCDs by Simulating Errors with the Profitest PRCD and the Profitest MXTRA

    • Testing of the following types of portable protective devices: - PRCD-S (single-phase / 3-pole and 3-phase / 5-pole) - PRCD-K (single-phase / 3-pole)- PRCD (2-pole / 3-pole)
    • Function test, i.e. tripping test by means of simulating the following faults:- Interruption - Wire reversal- PE to phase
    • Measurement of protective conductor current with current clamp transformer
    • Measurement of protective conductor and insulation resistance with the PROFITEST MXTRA tester
    • Tripping test with nominal residual current and measurement of time to trip with PROFITEST MXTRA tester
    • Evaluation and documentation of the individual test steps with the PROFITEST MXTRA tester and ETC software

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