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METRAVIEW Maintenance

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Item number: Z8028

METRAVIEW Add-On Module for Maintenance and Service Management, Right on Up to Technical Operations Management

The maintenance module extends system functionality to include intuitive, concise, database-supported maintenance. Configuration and operation are fully integrated into METRAVIEW. This makes it possible for users to switch between visualization, a fault overview and maintenance by simply pressing a key – in the browser, of course, without any additional hardware or software. The maintenance management function is distinguished by maximum process connectivity, an integrated reporting and alarm platform and interfaces for automated synchronization of open maintenance tasks and histories (report sender service).

Functional Principle

  • Machines can be organized perfectly in hierarchical order based on master data, rating plates, accompanying documentation and process connectivity.
  • Maintenance tasks are specified for machines and scheduled according to operating time, meter reading, time or sequences. Maintenance tasks are assigned to employees and can be acknowledged via notebook or smartphone. The respective employee has access to pertinent safety instructions, notes or further documentation regarding equipment or maintenance procedures.
  • In addition to scheduled maintenance, procedures such as complaints, repairs and preventive servicing can also be portrayed in detail as individual measures, or as a ticket with follow-up and integrated e-mail transmission. Interdisciplinary collaboration between management, staff, service or even external service providers is readily possible.
  • All events are permanently documented in a seamless history and are thus always just two clicks away for the employee who is searching for them.



Your advantages

  • Preventive maintenance reduces unscheduled downtime.
  • The service life of systems and machines is extended and effort is reduced significantly.
  • A seamless machine history serves as a quality feature, as a basis for warranty claims, as a knowledge database and as an important basis for planning maintenance and service.
  • Maintenance management integrated into the control system – one contact person, one software application, no interfaces, consistent operating concept.
  • Compliance capability through documentation of events, visual inspections and maintenance, as well safety information.
  • Maintenance requirements can be complied with in a traceable manner.
  • You can fulfill your documentation requirements quickly and completely.
  • You establish transparency within your facility and can manage your maintenance resources effectively.

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