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Item number: Z8000

METRAVIEW – Your Energy Data Platform

METRAVIEW raises software-supported acquisition of energy and heavy current quantities, as well as their analysis and visualization, to a new level.
  • METRAVIEW – Your Energy Data Platform
  • METRAVIEW – Your Energy Data Platform
  • METRAVIEW – Your Energy Data Platform

METRAVIEW is a universally implementable software platform for acquisition, storage, presentation, visualization and analysis of energy and process data – from SCADA right on up to monitoring systems and energy management. It integrates a multitude of functions required by modern platform systems into a modular, scalable product and makes it possible for companies to display energy consumption and process data in a transparent manner. Customized dashboards, high-quality process images and powerful trend analysis simplify 100% web-based use of METRAVIEW. In addition to data acquisition, METRAVIEW also facilitates software-supported energy management in accordance with ISO 50001 by means of energy data acquisition, the establishment of energy performance indicators, action-plan monitoring in accordance with PDCA and a user-friendly and flexible reporting system (METRAVIEW Energy). Amongst other things, the intelligent alarm platform ensures maximum system availability on the basis of limit values by means of targeted alarming in the event of faults or greatly increased energy consumption. Open standard interfaces based on OPC, as well as IT security concepts at various levels, round out METRAVIEW as a platform for transparency, and for optimizing the use of resources and reducing costs.

Product Highlights

  • 100% web-based usability
  • IT security
  • Modularity and scalability
  • Open connectivity
  • Visualization, SCADA and energy management
  • User management and multi-client capability

Your advantages

  • A single product for all tasks
  • Consistent operating concept
  • One-time creation of a data model and the hardware connection
  • Cost savings during integration and operation
  • Simple backup and restore procedures
  • Maximum lifecycle
  • Simple IT security concepts made possible by minimizing interfaces
  • Easy updates without compatibility problems
  • Modularity and scalability based on a single platform


METRAVIEW integrates a multitude of functions required by modern platform systems into a single product – from data acquisition and storage, as well as evaluation, visualization and analysis, right on up to alarms and the use of data for holistic energy management. One platform – many solutions!

  • Process control system
  • Monitoring
  • Production data acquisition
  • Portal solution
  • IoT platform
  • Visualization
  • HMI
  • Technical characteristics
    • Plant explorer
    • Measurement data configuration
    • File management
    • Graphic libraries and icons
    • Multilingual
    • Visualization
    • Dashboard
    • Online trend and curves
    • Archiving via SQL database
    • Manual consumption logging (manual values, meter reading)
    • Reporting (basic)
    • Control procedure archive (audits)
    • Message archive
    • Role-based user administration
    • Multi-client capability
    • Connectivity via OPC UA / DA
    • Virtual channels with formula editor



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