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Item number: M249A

TRMS power multimeter and power quality analyzer with 60,000 digits

The METRAHIT ENERGY is a digital multimeter with power and energy measurement, e.g. for ascertaining energy consumption values for consumer electronics, communications devices, information technology equipment and household appliances (e.g. refrigerators) during operation and in standby, and a single phase power quality analyzer for testing power quality and detecting power disturbances.
  • TRMS power multimeter and power quality analyzer with 60,000 digits
  • TRMS power multimeter and power quality analyzer with 60,000 digits

The METRAHIT ENERGY is exceeding all previous performance levels of digital multimeters.

Thanks to simultaneous TRMS measurement of current and voltage, AC, AC+DC or DC, with a resolution of 60,000 digits, it precisely acquires all important power parameters.

Product Highlights

  • TRMS multimeter and data logger
  • Simultaneous measurement of current and voltage plus calculation of power and energy with active and reactive components
  • Power quality analysis: over and undervoltage, dips and swells, transients, harmonic analysis up to the 15th harmonic

Your advantages

  • Compact power and energy meter in a handheld multimeter
  • Measurement of momentary power consumption and energy consumption over a lengthy period of time
  • Measurement of energy balance in accordance with EU directives 2005/32/EC and 2009/125/EC for consumer electronics and household appliances, computers etc.
  • Analysis of disturbances at electrical consumers and power generating equipment, and evaluation with PC software


The METRAHIT ENERGY determines energy consumption of electric devices, household appliances such as refrigerators and modern consumer electronics like smartphones, TV sets and PCs. It’s important to ascertain momentary power consumption as well as energy consumption over a lengthy period of time by means of long-term measurement.

Power Quality (PQ) analysis dips, swells, transients, over-/undervoltage, harmonics up to 15th.

Real-time data storage with enough capacity for up to 300,000 measured values permits measurement as a data logger for the duration of an entire day.

  • Particularities
    • The METRAHIT ENERGY can be fully remote controlled via the IR interface without user intervention.
    • Including DAkkS calibration certificate 
    • 36-month guarantee for materials and workmanship

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