• Gossen Metrawatt


The new installation testers included in the PROFITEST MF series are ideally matched to the electrician’s requirements and are specially designed for the implementation of electrical tests in installations and systems – day in, day out.

The MF series represents the consistent further development of the well-established PROFITEST series with its unique operating concept. The intuitive rotary switch for quick selection of measuring and control functions, as well as the high-resolution, context-sensitive color graphic display – in conjunction with automatic test sequences – provide the user with practical operating convenience.

Thanks to highly diverse application options with various accessories and adapters, users are also well prepared for future challenges. New measuring functions and test sequences can be imported by means of a simple firmware update –our service guarantee for you, so that you’ll still be up to date even 10 years down the road!


Innovative Operating Concept

  • Rotary switch for quick selection of measuring and control functions
  • Quick operation thanks to sensitive pressure points

Context-Sensitive Color Graphic Display

  • Quick reaction times
  • Future-proof thanks to the option for installing functional enhancements via updates

Future-Proof Platform Concept

  • LINUX operating system
  • USB port

Forward-Looking Connectivity

  • WiFi*
  • Bluetooth*
  • Support for keyboard, scanner and RFID reader

Optimized Ergonomics

  • Excellent readability thanks to high-performance color display
  • Display with high contrast ratio
  • Ideally readable swivel display

User-Oriented Operating Convenience

  • Practice-oriented user prompting
  • Automatic advancing of the test sequence for insulation measurement
  • Low resistance measurement with automatic limit value calculation relative to measurement results (cross-section/length)
*By means of firmware update

Unique Measuring Functions

  • Capacitors are automatically discharged after insulation measurement to avoid residual voltages
  • Touch-guarded detection of interference voltages

Individualized Application Standards

  • Test sequences for all relevant applications
  • Accessories for every application

Digital Intelligence

  • Cloud-based measurement data management
  • Standards-compliant report generation with IZYTRONIQ
  • Compatible with leading CAD providers (EPLAN, GRAPHISOFT)
  • Browser-based access of data with VIZIONIQ (optional)

Product Variants and SETs

Technical product comparison


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