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Item number: M312P

Earthing clamp for measuring earth loop resistance and leakage current.

The earth clamp "generator and measuring clamp in one device" is used to check the resistance of any conductive system that has the characteristics of a loop.
  • Earthing clamp for measuring earth loop resistance and leakage current.

Product Highlights

  • Measurement of the loop impedance in a parallel-connected earthing network, whereby the measurement is much simpler than the conventional method with two auxiliary earth electrodes.
  • The impedance measurement especially of low values is very accurate because the inductances present in the loop are taken into account in the resistance measurement.
  • The current measured value can be "frozen" in the display. By pressing the HOLD key or by opening the clamp. This enables convenient one-handed operation.


The following measurements are possible:

  • Measurements of the earth resistance, if this earth with its equipotential bonding conductor is in series with the earth loop.
  • Earthing measurements, e.g. via the earth cable connecting overhead line towers for power transmission or for telecommunications.
  • Measurements on band earth electrodes.
  • Technical characteristics

    Measuring functions

    • Ground loop resistance 0.010 Ohm ...1200 Ohm
    • Leakage current 0.5 mA...20 A AC


    • Compact and user-friendly - one-handed operation thanks to low weight and clamp opening with low force due to spring force compensation
    • Large-format OLED display, up to 3 measured values can be read simultaneously
    • Clamp opening max. Ø 32 mm
    • Low interference current influence
    • Measured value memory for resistance and leakage current
    • High safety due to CAT IV 100


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