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Item number: M240O

TRMS SYSTEM Multimeter, Extremely Rugged, Impact-Resistant, Water-Proof and Dust-Proof, and is Resistant to Extreme Temperatures

The METRAHIT AM XTRA is the top-of-the-line instrument of the METRAHIT Advanced Multimeter series.

The multimeters of the METRAHIT AM series, including METRAHIT AM BASE, PRO, TECH and XTRA, are extremely rugged, reliable digital multimeters with housings made of impact-resistant plastic. They feature an appealing design and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

  • TRMS SYSTEM Multimeter, Extremely Rugged, Impact-Resistant, Water-Proof and Dust-Proof, and is Resistant to Extreme Temperatures
  • TRMS SYSTEM Multimeter, Extremely Rugged, Impact-Resistant, Water-Proof and Dust-Proof, and is Resistant to Extreme Temperatures

The OUTDOOR multimeter has been specially designed and manufactured to meet the challenges faced by engineers and technicians in adverse environments. It´s extremely rugged, impact-resistant, water-proof and dust-proof, and is resistant to extreme temperatures.

METRAHIT OUTDOOR Technology and scope of functions are the same as with the METRAHIt AM XTRA.

Product Highlights

  • TRMS AC, AC+DC measurement up to 20 kHz for voltage and current
  • Data logger and IR interface for PC
  • Power pack connector socket

Your advantages

  • Universal use in all fields of electrical engineering!
  • TRMS measurement up to 20 kHz with digital display (12000 digits) and analog scale
  • Measurement of voltage and current, DC, AC and AC/DC, resistance, temperature, frequency, duty cycle, capacitance, continuity/diodes
  • Automatic measuring range selection and measured value storage
  • Safety for the user and the instrument in measuring categories CAT IV up to 600 V and CAT III up to 1000 V.


The multimeter is suitable for universal use in electrical engineering, electrical installation, laboratory applications, telecommunication, training etc.

The instrument can be used in the field and is equipped with an internal, mains-independent power supply. The additional power pack connector socket is ideal for long-term measurements and laboratory use.

  • Technical characteristics
    • Resolution: ± 12,000 digits, 4½-place
    • 3 connector jacks with patented automatic blocking sockets (ABS)
    • TRMS AC and AC / DC function
    • Voltage measurement with a basic accuracy­ of ±0.05% (V DC)
    • Automatic and manual measuring range selection
    • Automatic storage of measured values: DATA / MIN / MAX
    • Large, light-blue illuminated display with extra-large characters (15 mm) and an analog bar graph for dynamic processes
    • Separate battery and fuse compartments
    • IP 65 protection against dust and water
    • Measuring categories: 1000 V CAT III and 600 V CAT IV
    • Made in Germany
    • DAkkS calibration certificate included

    23 multimeter functions

    • Voltage AC TRMS, voltage AC+DC TRMS, voltage DC, frequency (Hz, MHz), duty cycle, resistance, diode test, continuity test, capacitance, current AC TRMS, current AC+DC TRMS, temperature with Pt 100/1000 sensors and type K thermocouples
    • Auto-range current measurement from 100 µA (resolution: 10 nA) to10 A (16 A) via a single connector jack and a single fuse
    • Additional filter function and voltage measurement with reduced input­ impedance for limiting interference, e.g. for measurements at frequency­ converters
    • 540 kB data memory (15,400 measured values) for long-term measurements with data logger function
    • Power pack connector socket for operation without batteries
    • Infrared interface for communication with a PC
    • Rubber holster safeguards against shocks and impacts

  • Particularities

    Specific features of the OUTDOOR multimeter:

    • Special rugged design with shock and impact resistant housing, and additional rubber holster
    • Special "sand" color
    • Dust-proof: IP 6x
    • Water jets: IP x5
    • Patented, sealed automatic blocking sockets



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