• Gossen Metrawatt

U1604 Series

Modular summator, Ethernet, LON

  • U1604 Series

The SU1604 summator station expands the Energy Control System with a modular data logger system.

The summator can be modularly equipped with up to 64 galvanically isolated S0 counter inputs for processing pulse-shaped (S0) input signals. The SU1624 pulse input module is used for this purpose.

Up to 64 LON devices can be connected to the SU1604 summator via the easy to wire, reverse polarity protected and galvanically isolated LON interface.

For easy evaluation, all relevant energy or consumption data is recorded over defined periods and a programmable interval and stored as load profiles with the associated maxima.

In addition to the interval measurement data list, up to four recorders with max. 64 channels and different time bases starting from one second can be defined. Any data (analog values, power values, consumption values in the interval and also total counter readings) can be selected per channel and stored as 32 bit "float" values (default) or also as 64 bit "double" values.

The Ethernet interface allows remote access to device data via a TCP/IP network. Up to 4 TCP/IP sockets with ECL access (corresponding to 4 COM servers used so far) can be used simultaneously. Also an ECS-LAN networking can be realized via two of these sockets (ECS-LAN-via-COM).

  • New modular concept
  • Software upward compatible with U1600/1/2/3 summators
  • 64 calculation channels to determine energy, power and costs. Physical inputs (up to 64) or LON meters can be assigned as required
  • Energy Control Language (ECL) for programming evaluations, monitoring and optimizations
  • LON interface for 64 LON devices
  • 1 RS232 interface (max. 921 kBaud)
  • 1 RS485 interface (max. 921 kBaud, half-duplex)
  • 2 ECS-LAN interfaces (max. 375 kBaud)
  • Ethernet interface (100 MBit/s) with ECL access via TCP/IP (4 sockets)

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