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Item number: M840B

Data Logger for Energy and Power Quality

The MAVOWATT 210 acquires all relevant measured quantities which are decisive for assuring the quality of electrical supply power. The instrument is a bidirectional power meter and measurement is performed at both the power utility side and the consumer side on the basis of power flow for use in alternative energy applications.
  • Data Logger for Energy and Power Quality
  • Data Logger for Energy and Power Quality
  • Data Logger for Energy and Power Quality
  • Data Logger for Energy and Power Quality

Power quality problems such as voltage dips, voltage sags, supply voltage surges and voltage interruptions can be detected using IEC 61000-4-30 1/2 cycles methods. Harmonic (Vthd & Ithd only) are measured and recorded using the methods of IEEE 519-2014 / IEC 61000-4-7.

The web server integrated into the MAVOWATT 210 facilitates configuration of the instrument and makes it possible to check data in real time (remote control). The web server can be accessed via the network using any commercially available terminal device.

Data can be exported via the integrated USB port or downloaded via a web browser for external analysis with Dran-View.

Logged events can then be conveniently analyzed, compared, contrasted and clearly presented in reports using Dran-View XP software. 

Product Highlights

  • Especially compact design
  • Long battery life for all-day measurement
  • Extremely lightweight: 0.64 kg
  • Power quality trigger thresholds can be programmed as desired
  • Energy flow logging – import and export

Your advantages

  • Easy handling thanks to integrated web browser
  • Guided configuration during setup at the measuring site
  • Important basic variables with relevance for the standards are recorded
  • Easy evaluation and documentation with Dran-View XP software


  • Energy audits per DIN EN 16247-1
  • Energy flow logging
  • Power control
  • Important power quality assessments
  • Reference measurements
  • Meter logging
  • Tenant electric meters
  • Alternative power production and DER integration
  • Ascertainment of load profiles
  • Examination of performance factors
  • Residential applications including energy consumption and PQ detection
  • Technical characteristics
    • Power/energy logger and PQ disturbance/event detector
    • 3 voltage channels – direct measurements up to 600 V RMS, CAT III
    • 4 current channels – 0.333 V RMS current inputs, compatible with various optional accessories (see accessories lists) and all 0.333 V RMS current transformers which comply with industry standards
    • Measurement types: V, I, W (P), VA (S), VAR (Q), PF, demand measurement for various quantities, energy ... and much more
    • Detection and recording of trends for RMS voltage dips/sags, swells, current changes in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30 in 1/2 cycle methods
    • Vthd and Ithd measurements using methods of IEEE 519-2014 / IEC 61000-4-7
    • Web browser interface for real-time measurements, setup and data transfer
    • Free Dran-View XP software for analysis and reporting available for download at “MyGMC”
    • 7 hours battery life for long-term measurements
    • Automatic wiring test: LEDs indicate wiring errors
    • Ethernet, USB communication
    • Modbus, Bacnet
    • IP50 (vertical position)
    • 3-year guarantee
  • Particularities

    Plug & play solution – thanks to preconfigured measuring programs, the customer only has to press the START key in order to conduct measurements on site.

    Modern Data Management
    Real-time data in numeric displays and data storage at the MAVOWATT 210 make it possible to ensure complete documentation.

    Unique Memory Concept
    Large (8 GB) internal data memory for long-term data logging.

    Universal Interface
    Data exchange (USB) & Ethernet port.

    Universal Use
    Whether before or after installing electrical loads such as machines, frequency converters and wall boxes, the MAVOWATT 210 provides you with insights indicating how much load your network is still capable of handling.

    Rugged Housing
    Slimmest design in its class.



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