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MAVOSYS 10 - Grundgerät 61SGD

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Item number: M819C

Modular System for Monitoring Mains Quality, Power and Energy

  • discontinuedModular System for Monitoring Mains Quality, Power and Energy
  • discontinuedModular System for Monitoring Mains Quality, Power and Energy

The MAVOSYS 10 opens up entirely new possibilities for monitoring mains quality, power and energy: It’s the first mains analyzer with more than 8 channels, it can be configured in a modular fashion and it provides an ideal, cost-saving solution for all requirements. In combination with an optional ¼ VGA touch-screen, the multiuser web interface from Encore series software and special AnswerModules®, all conceivable analysis wishes are fulfilled.

Up to four of the available input modules for 4-channel voltage, 4-channel current and 8-channel digital signals are integrated into the MAVOSYS 10. They can be operated as stand-alone devices, or combined into as many as 4 virtual analyzers for mains quality, power and energy. And that saves space and reduces costs.

The MAVOSYS 10 is ideally suited for continuous monitoring in accordance with worldwide mains quality, flicker and harmonic standards, as well as for individually defined requirements. The voltage module has been certified by an independent laboratory in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30, class A. Measurements performed with the MAVOSYS 10 are precise, and reproducible, and they fulfill the strictest requirements.

In its standard housing, the MAVOSYS 10 can be operated as a stand-alone device, and can be mounted to 19" cabinets with a rack fixture – with or without ¼ VGA touch-screen. A wall mounting bracket and a weather-proof housing for extremely adverse ambient conditions are also available. A special version without touch-screen is available for panel mounting.

  • Technical characteristics
    • Modular design in various layouts with 4 slots
    • Input modules for 4x voltage, 4x current and 8x digital signals
    • Combinations with up to four virtual analyzers in a single housing
    • Local operation and visualization with an optional ¼ VGA touch-screen
    • Ethernet 10/100 BaseT, RS 232 and RS 485 interfaces included as standard equipment
    • TCP/IP, HTTP, XML and Modbus TCP/RTU communication protocols
    • Optionally available GSM/GPRS and analog modems
    • Time synchronization via optional GPS receiver
    • Internal and external cross-triggering
    • Compliant with all national and international standards for monitoring mains quality (EN, IEC, IEEE, NVE, CREG)
    • Certification in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30, class A
    • 1 GB internal flash memory

    Type Description Article No.

    Basic instruments

    61SGD Basic panel mount device, 192 x 192 mm, with ¼ VGA touch-screen, M819C

    4 slots, Ethernet, RS 232 / RS 485, power supply: 90 to 250 V AC / 105 to 125 V DC


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