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Item number: M830R

Tester for Monitoring Mains Quality and Power Analyzer

  • discontinuedTester for Monitoring Mains Quality and Power Analyzer
  • Technical characteristics
    • Monitoring of mains quality with simultaneous recording of 3-phase AC quantities
    • Internal analysis of voltage quality at short-term, daily and long-term intervals in accordance with EN50160 and other industrial standards
    • 640 k internal memory, user configurable capacitance components for various measuring and testing tasks
    • MAVOLAN RS485 field bus with multi-drop connection for up to 32 devices
    • Alarm output for events messages



    Measurement inputs 3 x UL-L / UL-N & UN-PE

    Dips, interruptions >10ms

    Swells >10ms



    Harmonics (FFT) 1- 40 & THD

    Flicker (FSA) (Pst, Plt)

    EN 50160 analysis


    Measurement inputs 3 x IL & IN

    Recording during voltage dips resolution 10ms

    Harmonische (FFT) 1-40 & THD

    Power / Energy

    Active power P1,P2,P3,Psumm

    Apparent power Ssumm

    Blindleistung Qsumm

    Power factor PFsumm

    Active power WPsumm

    Reactive power WQsumm

    Alphanumeric LCD

    Measuret values, analyses 10, selectable

    Parameters configuration

  • Delivery

    3-phase voltage quality analyzer and test instrument for power quality per EN 50160 in CombiNorm housing including harmonic and flicker analysis, with LCD for display of measurement data, without software, incl. operating instructions

    additional current measuring inputs and power/energy analysis



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