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Item number: A4003

1...4-Channel Continuous Line Recorder, 144 x 144 mm

  • 1...4-Channel Continuous Line Recorder, 144 x 144 mm

Freely selectable parameters allow for the adaptation of the LINAX 4000M to measuring tasks including the recording of temperature with Pt 100 sensors or thermocouples.

Pressure, moisture or electrical quantities can be fed to the recorder via measuring transducer. Parameter settings are selected at the keypad, via the RS 485 interface or with the RS 232 adapter. Integrated limit monitoring and binary inputs and outputs can be used for process control.

Instead of using a line channel, measurement values are documented graphically (as a dotted line) and alphanumerically. The printer channel furnishes limit value messages with date, time, chart speed and freely selectable clear text. Additional time markers portray binary process conditions.

  • Technical characteristics
    • Measuring systems 1-4 with printing function
    • Printer roll 32 m
    • DC measuring ranges 0/4-20 mA; ± 2,5 mA; ± 20 mA
    • DC measuring ranges ± 75 mV
    • DC measuring ranges ± 10V /± 20 V
    • DC measuring ranges Thermocouples: B,E,J,K,L,R,S,T
    • DC measuring ranges Pt 100, 2-wire
    • DC measuring ranges Pt 100, 3-wire
    • Parameters configuration Yes
    • Alphanumeric 8 lines of 16 char. each
    • Interface RS485
    • Limit value monitoring 2 per channel (4 relays)
    • Event marking Yes (2 tracks
    • Status output Yes
    • Max. paper advance 1200 mm/h
    • Standby mode ja
    • Response time 2s
    • Accuracy class 0,5 per IEC 484 for scale span
    • Supply power 24 V DC, 24 V AC110 V AC, 230 V AC
    • Installation depth 250 mm


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