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Item number: U100A

Intelligent Sensor system for Energy, Current, Voltage and Frequency.

Power measurement can be easily added on.
  • Intelligent Sensor system for Energy, Current, Voltage and Frequency.

Power, energy, current, voltage and frequency can be measured at individual consuming devices in low-voltage systems with the ENERGYSENS intelligent sensor system. Energy consumption can thus be localized with greater detail, monitored and transparently displayed. This helps to avoid unnecessary costs and contributes to sustainable company development.

ENERGYSENS not only helps you save energy costs, it also supports you by monitoring phase loads – in the field of preventive maintenance as well – and in minimizing idle time.

ENERGYSENS as a Building Block for Industry 4.0 Measurement is performed at conductors in low-voltage distributors, e.g. at circuit breakers in the control cabinet. Thanks to its compact design, installing ENERGYSENS is especially easy – regardless of whether a new system is involved or an already existing system will be retrofitted with energy logging. Its minimal intrinsic consumption assures best possible value for the money.

Product Highlights

  • UNIVERSAL Sensor variants with 3 or 12 measuring points. Nominal current is 40 or 80 A.
  • INTERFACES Integration into any desired system is possible thanks to the universal Modbus interface (TCP/RTU).
  • RETROFITTING It’s easy to retrofit energy logging – directly within existing systems even where space is limited.
  • MINIMAL SPACE REQUIREMENT All measuring technology is united into an extremely small space – minimal height is especially important.
  • TRANSPARENCY Serves as the basis for efficiency improvements and warnings concerning overloading before considerable damage occurs.
  • INTRINSIC CONSUMPTION Very low intrinsic consumption as compared with other measuring systems.

Your advantages

SCALABLE – for excellent Flexibility of the system layout

  • The modular system consists of the ENERGYSENS COM basic module and up to 10 sensors, e.g. ENERGYSENS ES4003.
  • The sensors, in turn, have multiple measuring points by means of which power can be measured for individual consuming devices.
  • The system can expanded or changed at any time. Up to 120 measuring points can thus be integrated into the system via a single communication unit.

GENUINE POWER MEASUREMENT – for targeted and effective energy management

  • The high-speed bus system makes it possible to ascertain power values thanks to individual allocation of voltage to each separate current measuring point.

TIME-SAVING INSTALLATION – for installations which function right off the bat

  • The sensors are mounted in just a few simple steps.
  • Fast installation of the basic module on 35 mm top-hat rail in any desired mounting position with diverse options.

IDEALLY INTEGRATABLE – for high-speed communication with a great variety of systems

  • Flexible communication and remote read-out via integrated interface
  • Diverse connection options via Modbus TCP or Modbus RTU
  • Free configuration tool for rapid integration into any system environment – even without programming knowledge
  • Technical characteristics

    Types and order information
    ENERGYSENS-EScom, basic model for connecting
    up to 10 ENERGYSENS sensors, article number U100A
    ENERGYSENS-ES4003, nominal current: 40 A, article number U100B
    ENERGYSENS-ES4012, nominal current: 40 A, article number U100C
    ENERGYSENS-ES8003, nominal current: 80 A, article number U100D
    ENERGYSENS-ES8012, nominal current: 80 A, article number U100E


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