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Item number: Z820A

High performance analysis and evaluation software for MAVOSYS 10

  • discontinuedHigh performance analysis and evaluation software for MAVOSYS 10

User-friendly Encore series software is available for controlling and communicating with the MAVOSYS 10. It permits visualization and analysis of events, sequences and measured values. Automatic evaluations can be executed with optional AnswerModules® – intelligent algorithms for specific data interpretation.

Product Highlights

Mains Management

SimplifiedWith Encore series software, the MAVOSYS 10 can be utilized ideally in a great variety of electrical systems with a large spectrum of configurations. Special features include a password protected multiuser web interface and a broad range of functions: Even complex monitoring and analysis tasks can be organized and processed in a clear-cut fashion. Encore series software is thus ideally suited for convenient data acquisition and storage.

  • Simple user interface based on a web browser
  • Up to 50 or more MAVOSYS 10 instruments are supported
  • Power quality, demand, energy and process analyses

Enterprise software is additionally available for extended analyses and management of several logging systems.

Intelligent Analysis Extras

Decades of experience and expert knowledge have been engineered into our AnswerModules® – intelligent algorithms for automatic interpretation and compilation of data. They’re integrated into Encore series software as required, and they expand its range of functions.

Available AnswerModules®

  • Sag Direction: diagnosis of voltage sags and the direction to their cause
  • CapSwitch™: analysis of transients triggered by switching compensation capacitors
  • kVAR Verification: monitoring of compensation systems for correct functioning
  • UPS Verification: monitoring of uninterruptible power supplies for correct functioning
  • Energy User: specific reports regarding energy consumption and costs
  • Radial Line Fault: ascertainment of cause and distance to faults in the mains
  • Reliability Benchmark: ascertainment and evaluation of mains reliability
  • Online Diagram: customer-specific system diagrams with indication of current states, events and mains quantities

Online Demo: http://mavosys.gossenmetrawatt.com/index.htm
Login credentials: user: Gast, password: Gast

Type, Description, Article No.
System Software

Encore Series Software, Encore Series Server Software for Mavosys series
Required customer PC: 8 GB hard disk space, web server, HASP key, Z820A
DVE-PQDIF, DranView Enterprise Version for reading PQDIF, COMTRADE and text files
(USB HASP version), Z820B
NodeLink Enterprise Software. Saves data in PQDIF format,
for use with PQView and DranView, Z820C

Answer Module (for Encore Series Software)
SW PFCAP Answer Module – compensation capacitor directional characteristic, Z820D
SW VAR VAR, test instrument for SW PFCAP Answer Module, Z820E
SW SAG, Answer Module – voltage sag directional characteristic (SAG), Z820F
SW UPS Answer Module – USP function test, Z820G
SW RADL Answer Module – star line fault Z820H
SW EUAM Answer Module – energy consumption, Z820I
SW RBM Answer Module – reliability test, Z820K
SW ADAM Driver Module – Advantech ADAM, Z820L


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