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Productlife cycle

Green is not just a color and not just the color of our company logo green is an attitude! For us as a company, which is active in the energy sector, environmental protection is a special concern.

Therefore, it is important for us to use natural resources (water, air, energy, materials, and surfaces) responsibly and sustainably.

This starts with the procurement of materials and includes all measures such as the product development and production processes and extends to the end of each product life cycle.

We meet this requirement by implementing the legal requirements (RoHS / REACH…) and using an environmental management system with regular audits in addition to the associated environmental certificates.



Employee benefits

"Green thinking" is not only business relevant - our employees are also aware of their responsibility and integrate this approach into their work. In order to support and consolidate this awareness, we provide our employees with following benefits:

  • Regular training and information about environmentally conscious behavior
  • Public transport ticket discounts to encourage the use of it
  • Discounted bicycle leasing offers to protect the environment
  • Free parking areas and charging stations for employees with electric cars

Product development

In our product development process we conceive our products in an environmentally friendly manner at an early stage in all development phases. Particular attention is paid to the determination of potential environmental risks in connection with production planning.

A wide variety of aspects such as energy consumption, material selection, dimensioning, and procurement are taken into account.

Checklists for the development of environmentally friendly products and sustainable processes cover extensive areas in order to achieve the most environmentally friendly outcome.


Checklisten Umweltfreundlichkeit

Environmental checklists

In combination with the checklists, reference products help to continuously improve the sustainability and environmental quality of our products and are conditioned by certain target parameters such as:

  • The size of the products (miniaturization of the components)
  • The material properties (consumption and environmental compatibility)
  • The energy consumption (in production and use)
  • The proportion of dangerous substances (minimization to avoidance with simultaneous transparency of the supply chains)

Production facility

Our new production facility is environmentally friendly using innovative processes and technologies. Particular attention is paid to modern energy management systems with a focus on resource conservation, efficient production processes, the innovative degree of process automation, sustainable waste avoidance / waste disposal as well as a certified climate-neutral logistics concept.

In this context, extensive success has already been recorded particularly in the area of ​​production:

  • For example, the use of Styrofoam was reduced by 50 % in 2020
  • The use of paper and cardboard was reduced by 20 % compared to the previous year

Effiziente Produktion

Efficient production

With our new production facility, we are setting new standards for more efficient work:

  • 100 instead of 400 kilowatts/h consumption compared to the old production
  • Electricity savings of 30 % compared to the old production
  • An Increased rate of recyclable waste up to 15%
  • Increased use of recycling materials

We do not want to rest on these successes and are striving for electricity savings of more than 40 % or even 50 % in the future, as well as the constant improvement of all environmental aspects mentioned before. You can find detailed information about production efficiency here»

Logistics partner

In order to protect the environment, we have been sending our deliveries with 100% climate neutral delivery since October 2019 as part of our environmental and quality policy. In this way, we contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and make a valuable, active contribution to climate protection and sustainable, future-proof delivery logistics.

With the support of a certified project, our partner GLS optimizes the CO2 emissions caused by the transport through analyzing and optimizing the shipping processes.

For example, GLS offsets emissions from business activities in Germany (e.g. emissions from business trips, depots, and administrative buildings caused by electricity, heating, etc.)


Paketzustellung umweltschonend

Environmentally friendly delivery

The following measures play a role in our environmentally friendly package service:

  • Use of 100% sustainable electricity at all German locations
  • Increased use of electric vehicles
  • Expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • Emission free delivery in city centers
  • Establishment of microdepots close to the city

Durable products

Standard-compliant recycling and environmental certificates are applied, which guarantee a responsible approach.

Since a sustainable environmental policy can only be implemented with the help of new digitization approaches, we have been committed to the digitization of important processes in all areas since 2018.

Our sales and training department have been offering online seminars and virtual consultations since 2020 in order to reduce CO2 emissions for travel activities and to offer our customers the usual support in the current situation.

As a service provider, we place great importance on the durability of our products in connection with environmentally friendly handling. We aspire to meet this goal through conscientious quality and environmental management.

Langlebige Produkte



All deliveries sent back to us by the customer are reused, if possible.

It covers inter alia:

  • reused cardboard boxes for onward transport,
  • as well as avoiding individual components made of Styrofoam, foils, etc. or at least reused or specifically recycled components,
  • largely digital and therefore paperless process control in our Service

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