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Efficient Use of Resources at Gossen Metrawatt

The market for measuring instruments is growing and the availability of resources is declining. Efficiency and the conservation of resources are essential in the production of measuring equipment. Minimizing the consumption of resources throughout the entire product lifecycle is thus very important to us – from manufacture to disposal and during operation of our measuring instruments.

Processes at Gossen Metrawatt GmbH are adjusted on a regular basis and made efficient, so that we can protect our environment sustainably in the long term.

  • Environmentally Friendly Transport Packaging

    Our transport packaging is registered by Interseroh partners and recycled. Packaging ordinance requirements are fulfilled.
  • Environmentally Friendly Transport

    Shipping of our deliveries in Germany is100% climate-neutral. We help to reduce CO2 emissions in this way and make a valuable, active contribution to climate protection and sustainable, forward-looking parcel logistics.
  • Efficient Use of Resources

    By recycling various materials, Gossen Metrawatt GmbH was able to conserve resources and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in the year 2021.

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