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New diagnostics testers for fast DC charging stations

The demand for DC fast charging stations will continue to increase as the transition towards electromobility progresses.


Since DC charging stations installed in public or commercially accessible areas are designated for the use by the general public, they must be tested for substantiation of electrical safety in accordance with DIN EN 61851-1 (VDE 0122-1), charging mode 4. Gossen Metrawatt has expanded its portfolio for mandatory functional testing, adding two new diagnostics testers (PROFITEST H+E XTRA and H+E XTRA C), which cover the two common system standards CCS (Combo 2) and CHAdeMO.

After the testers have been connected to a charging station and after registration and selection of the test sequences, they perform simulated charging processes from a DC source and load to determine the charging current, charging time and voltage. In addition to measurements for insulation fault detection, DC voltage and direct current, the devices check data communication conformity with ISO 15118-1 or DIN SPEC 70121 for CCS stations or the respective relevant CHAdeMO protocol.

A graphic color display with touch input ensures good readability and intuitive operation. In addition, the devices feature 4-mm safety sockets for DC+, DC- and PE for connecting a PROFITEST PRIME installation tester so all necessary measurements can be made under loading conditions to check the effectiveness of protective measures.

Measuring tasks covered include checking the low-impedance continuity of the protective conductor; measuring the loop resistance between DC+ and DC-; insulation monitoring in the CCS system; measurements of insulation resistance, residual voltage and contact current; and function control of the residual current protective device.

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