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Automatic Easy Check for AC Charging Points

PROFiTEST H+E EASY CHECKGossen Metrawatt has introduced the new battery-operated PROFITEST H+E EASY CHECK for simple, safe testing of AC charging points at the touch of a button. No electric training is necessary to safely check infrastructures for single- and three-phase charging processes using this device, which corresponds to the CAT III 300V measurement category and is designed for 20A and 32A cables. Charging station operators, service providers and non-professionals can use the automatic device for function testing according to DIN EN/IEC 61851-1 (VDE 0122-1) in charging mode 3 at type-2 sockets or with a permanently installed type-2 cable. The functional range includes the verification of vehicle states A, B and C; phase tests and phase sequence tests; evaluation of the PWM signal for data communication and abortion of the charging process during short-circuit simulation; and determination of battery charge levels.

Test results are shown in plain text on the device display and any detected malfunctions are saved as error messages. This way, if a charging process does not work properly, users can run quick and cost-efficient checks on the charging point or wallbox and need only call a qualified electrician if they detect functional errors. In addition to standards-compliant testing, the device is also suitable for complete professional functional testing of AC charging stations, thus eliminating the need for additional devices such as multimeters or oscillographs. Gossen Metrawatt supplies the PROFITEST H+E EASY CHECK complete with operating instructions and micro-USB charging cable.

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