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40 A DC power supplies for test fields and laboratories

LABKON P series computer controllable KONSTANTERs provide users with DC power supplies for manual and remote control and for laboratory and system use.

DC-Power bis 40 A für Prüffeld und Labor

Their manufacturer GOSSEN METRAWATT now extends the existing product portfolio by two new models for supply voltages up to 20 V. The power supplies with nominal ratings of 500 W and 800 W generate maximum currents of 25 A and 40 A respectively.

"Given the large number of applications for 12 V onboard power supplies and the need for higher currents in this voltage range, we have expanded our KONSTANTER portfolio, adding two new LABKON P models," says Andreas Stollberg, product manager at GOSSEN METRAWATT.

All LABKON P devices have good dynamic characteristics with regard to setpoint changes and sudden load changes. The specified nominal values can be delivered continuously thanks to the power output’s outstanding stability, and they can be duplicated at any time with accurate, digital setpoint specification, which assures reproducible results. Users can store individual device configurations to setup memory and retrieve them as required. This saves time when setting up an instrument for recurrent testing tasks. In addition to the standard RS232 port, USB and GPIB (IEEE-488) interfaces are optionally available. The SCPI command set allows for trouble-free integration into automated test systems. The LABKON P series comprises KONSTANTERs with nominal power ratings of 500 W and 800 W. These power supplies provide output voltages between 20 V and 120 V and currents up to 40 A, and thereby cover a wide range of applications.

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