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Item number: M525O

EV diagnostic tester and safety tester for DC and AC charging points (CCS, CHAdeMo, AC).

Package consisting of PROFiTEST H+E XTRA C (M525M) and PROFiTEST PRIME (M506G) for testing AC and DC charging points.
  • EV diagnostic tester and safety tester for DC and AC charging points (CCS, CHAdeMo, AC).
  • EV diagnostic tester and safety tester for DC and AC charging points (CCS, CHAdeMo, AC).

Use as a diagnostic tester / safety tester of e-charging points.

Testing of CCS and CHAdeMo systems after service. The devices indicate within one minute whether a charging point is functioning correctly. This is followed by a test of the effectiveness of protective measures.

Product Highlights

  • Testing of the functional behaviour of e-charging points for DC-CCS, CHAdeMO,
  • AC Automatic test sequence / simulation DC EV in accordance with DIN SPEC 70121 and ISO 15118-1
  • Insulation fault detection
  • 4 mm safety sockets for DC+, DC- and PE for connecting a test device PROFITEST PRIME for testing the effectiveness of protective measures
  • Measurement of electrical safety and personal protection
  • Storage of measured values
  • Software for creating test protocols. 


Package consisting of  PROFiTEST H+E XTRA C (M525M) and PROFiTEST PRIME (M506G) for testing AC and DC charging points. Communication according to DIN SPEC 70121, ISO 15118-1, DIN EN 61851-1/23 and CHAdeMO. Electrical safety according to IEC 60364-6 and EN 50110-1. 6 mA test according to IEC 62955 and IEC 62752.
  • Technical characteristics
    • Compact case
    • Ideal for service calls
    • Large displays
    • Language of operator guidance adjustable (PROFiTEST H+E XTRA C English only)
    • USB data interface for reading out the measured values and for firmware updates
  • Particularities

    Package consisting of:


    EV diagnostic tester for DC charging points for CCS, CHAdeMO, AC
    • EV simulation during communication to obtain EVSE charging current
    • EV simulation during DC load circuit, adapted to communication Test/analysis standards
      - DC-CCS according to DIN SPEC 70121 or ISO 15118-1/23
      - CHAdeMO
      - AC
    • Measured values for DC voltage and DC current
    • Test sequence for insulation fault detection
    • Graphic colour display with intuitive touch screen
    • Interface for software connection or firmware updates
    • Output of test result pass/fail, depending on charging variant
    • Result reports can be downloaded as PDF via USB output


    Testing of electrical safety

    AC and DC
    • Measurement of low-resistance continuity of the protective conductor
    • Insulation resistance measurement
    • Loop measurement
    • Checking RCD type A, B, F, A-EV, F-EV, RDC-DD, RCMB
    • Measurement of residual voltage Check IMD

Product videos

  • Technical product comparison
  • Delivery

    1x Mains connection cable
    1x Software Toolbox
    1x instruction manual
    1x USB cable
    1x Probe for L with test probe and alligator clip
    1x Probe for N with test probe and crocodile clip
    1x Probe for PE with test probe and crocodile clip
    1x I-SK4 probe 4m with remote triggering
    1x Trolley for hardcase PRIME
    1x USB cable
    1x power cable 1.5m
    1x Accessory bag
    1x Short operating instructions
    1x Safety data sheet
    1x DAkkS calibration certificate
    1x IZYTRONIQ Business Starter software


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